Running Back Drills

Welcome to our Running Back drills page where you will find everything you need to help develop a Running Back for American Football.  We will show the important techniques and tips that you as a coach need to teach the young Running Back.

The role of the running back has changed dramatically in recent years. Having the ability to carry the ball, get people to miss tackles, and stepped on smaller defensive players no longer is enough. Today’s running back must be a multi-faced athlete. He must be able to carry the ball 20 to 30 times a game, get blitzing linebackers, plus, on occasion, block the bigger sized linemen. At the same time the running back must have the ability to catch passes like a end or wide out.

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Route Running 101
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We will cover the different types of skills that need to be improved for every Running Back no matter the age or skill level.  We will cover the following skill groups in great detail:

Agility  Running Back  Drills – We want a Running Back that can move and have the ability to get rid of the tacklersl from a variety of positions.  We will show complete details on many drills including high knees, Rope and freeze drills.  Included in these drills are the Square Drill and Jump Cut  drills for better running abilities.  Running Back blocking is the most ignored, yet one of the most important, areas of developing a young RB.  The RB needs to be skilled on how to react when pass protection breaks down and he needs to move and pick up blitzes.

Ball Handling Running Back Drills – Like a point guard in basketball, the Running Back must be an expert ball handler.  We will show examples of Running Back drills that will include how to grip the ball, hold on to the ball and how to reduce fumbles.

Running Back Drills – This is what most people are looking for when searching for Running Back drills, so we will provide numerous drills that will help your Running Back become a better passer.  We will explain the Two Knee, One Knee, Opposite Toss, Circle Toss and many more.  We will show drop back passing Running Back drills as well as roll out passing and off balance drills.

By using these drills, we will help improve our Running Back’s hand-eye coordination, passing and ball handling skills.  We will be able to reduce fumbles and turnovers as well as bad snaps and bad hand-offs.

Below is the Speed Ladder Running Back Drills and the Ski Quick Hop Drill demonstrated in the video.

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